About Us

Welcome to Boston Estate & Gem Appraisal. We provide a complete range of Gem and Jewelry appraisal services to satisfy the needs of the first time buyer or the sophisticated collector. Boston Estate & Gem Appraisal is an independent appraisal service providing you with a totally unbiased valuation of your Diamonds, Jewelry, Sterling Silver Service, Fine Crystal, China, and more. We will come to your home, place of work, or safety deposit and provide you with a complete valuation of your collectibles with complete cataloguing services available. Your valuables never leave your home or office and are always in sight providing you with complete security and piece of mind. Boston Estate & Gem Appraisal is the complete source for the Estate Planning Industry. We offer valuations and cataloguing for Diamonds, Gems and Jewelry (antique & period), Sterling Silver, China, and Collectibles. We offer additional collaboration on Antiques (furniture & lighting) and Fine Art. Our expert appraisals assist the Trust and Estate Attorney and Certified Financial Planner in the preparation of Wills and Trusts, as well as the implementation of a sound Estate Plan by offering documentation in such vital areas as Asset Valuation, Liquidation, and Equitable Distribution. Whether you are an Estate Planning Professional or a private individual, put our expertise to work for you today.