It is difficult to arrive at an estimation of cost without seeing the item(s) to be appraised. Fee structure is based on the number of pieces being appraised and/or an hourly rate.  Another factor to be considered is the type of appraisal report needed. It is best to schedule an initial consultation to better understand both the type of report that is most appropriate, the scope of work the appraiser will need to complete the report, and the applicable rate for that work.

Most appraisal reports will fall within the following guidelines:  In office Insurance Replacement Reports of multiple items are billed at $195. for the first item and $150. for each additional item (up to ten total items). Special rates apply to larger reports. In your Home/Bank/Office, appraisals are based on $250. per hour with a minimum charge of 2 hours plus travel time which is billed at $125. per hour.  Research and report preparation is billed at $150. per hour.  Rush Appraisals are available at an additional charge. Expert Witness/Litigation Support Fees are available on request. All Rates are subject to change. Contact us to discuss your appraisal needs.

Professional appraisers charge for their services based upon an hourly rate or a per item fee, never by a percentage of the appraised value. Appraising several items at one time can result in considerable saving over a one-by-one approach. Elaborate items containing many stones will take longer than average and plain gold items will take less.

You can estimate up to one hour for the first item and a half hour for each additional item, with an additional hour of laboratory time for each stone requiring a certificate.  Appraisals done without an accompanying Gemological Certificate require less time.

Most insurance companies request updated appraisals within 3 to 5 years. Your appraisal will remain in our database for 5 years. The time required for re-appraising your jewelry, and thus your costs, will be greatly reduced if you have the jewelry re-appraised during that five-year period.

Insurance Portfolio Management fees are determined on an individual basis and billed annually or monthly.  Call for details: (617) 240-8099.


Boston Estate & Gem Appraisal is committed to your complete confidentiality. We conform to professional standards that require all confidential information received in the course of an appraisal be kept private and not disclosed to third parties without your consent. The only exception is if disclosure is required by law. All client mailing lists and email addresses are kept in house and never disclosed to third parties. You may be contacted periodically with notices of update reminders and/or seminars when appropriate.